Getting Started

OK, so the first thing to do is to setup the Visual Studio 2008 solution and some base projects. Here I have created three projects:

PixelDragons.PixelBugs.Core – This project will contain our domain objects, services and other business logic for the application. There’s nothing to add here yet so it’s just an empty project.

PixelDragons.PixelBugs.Tests – This project will contain the unit and acceptance tests, so I’ve just added an empty folder for each and added various references in preparation.

PixelDragons.PixelBugs.Web – This is a web application project that will provide the front end for the bug tracker. Here I’ve just added a basic folder structure, configuration and some supporting files.

Technology Choices
I’ve decided to start with Castle RC3 rather than the trunk build. This is because I know there are many users using this version and there is some refactoring required to move to the trunk. I’d like to cover this in a future post when the time is right as I think this will be valuable for those users that only use official releases.

In addition to this, I have made some other technology choices. Firstly, regarding testing, I’m using MbUnit and WatiN for unit and acceptance testing. I’ve used NUnit and MSTest in the passed but I’ve been hearing some good things about MbUnit, so this is a perfect opportunity to try it out. I’ve also chosen to use (try out) Moq for mocking. Again, I haven’t used this before, but there is a buzz around this open source project so it’s worth a look.

I’ve also setup the configuration for various facilities that we will be using including logging facility (using log4net), automatic transaction management facility, monorail facility and the active record facility. Another configuration choice is the URL file extension of .ashx. This is because this file extension is already part of ASP.NET and so you won’t need any extra IIS configuration which is important if you are running on shared hosting.

Finally, two javascript libraries that I’ve used before: prototypejs and Really Easy Field Validation. I know there is built-in support in monorail for validation and even prototype, but I’d prefer to have some more control over these.

First Run
OK, so building and running the web application at the moment isn’t all that interesting. I’ve setup a redirect inside the Default.aspx file to go to /Home/Index.ashx which of course will fail as we don’t have any controllers yet, but at least we know the configuration is correct and we have referenced the right assemblies:

That’s it for now, we’ll add our first test in the next installment, in the meantime you can get the source code for this post from:

Svn Revision: r4


2 Responses

  1. As alternatove to Watin, you could look at,
    Just to compare the features.


  2. Thanks ftorres, I’ll take a look.

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