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Source Code

I have set-up a project on Google Code where you can download the latest source code. To get the latest source code, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install an SVN client tool such as TortoiseSVN
  2. Create a new folder on your computer called PixelBugs
  3. Perform an SVN Checkout of the following URL:

Building and Running PixelBugs

  1. Create a new SQL2005 database (Express is ok) called pixeldragons_pixelbugs.
  2. Open ..\PixelBugs\src\PixelDragons.PixelBugs.sln in VS2008.
  3. Uncomment the ActiveRecordStarter.CreateSchema(); line inside GlobalApplication.cs of PixelDragons.PixelBugs.Web.
  4. In PixelDragons.PixelBugs.Web, open Config\Facilities.config and change the connection string as required to connect to your newly created database.
  5. Build and run the solution from VS2008 which will create the required database tables.
  6. In PixelDragons.PixelBugs.Core, run Sql Scripts\Populate Default Data.sql against your newly created database.
  7. You can now sign into the application with “test.admin” and “password”.

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