Here is a basic roadmap of features that I intend to implement (in no particular order):

Tech Tasks

  • Refactor to use messaging/DTOs not passing domain objects through layers. 
  • Create NAnt build script to build, run tests and generate documentation. [In Progress]
  • Style the UI.
  • Use Machine.Migrations to manage the database.
  • Investigate WCF for web services
  • Investigate Silverlight for rich UI


  • Add projects, releases and iterations.
  • Add multiple walls (BA, Development, QA)
  • Add a homepage with project stats.
  • Add simple story tasks
  • Add card templates
  • Velocity and burn down charts
  • Admin for users (inc permissions and photo)
  • Admin for projects/walls/releases/iterations
  • Admin for workflow/card status list/card types/priority etc

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